Boston Marathon Victims Fund

RYOT-Foundation-Logo1-150x150On Monday, April 15, explosions near the 2013 Boston Marathon finish line tore through the crowd, injuring dozens and killing at least 3 individuals. Victims have been taken to Mass General Hospital and other institutions nearby.

The RYOT Foundation is collecting donations, which will be used to address the needs of victims, including medical costs, funeral expenses, physical therapy and counseling services. We are working with community leaders to identify the best sources for the remaining funds. Every cent of every dollar raised will go to the victims of this tragedy. RYOT takes 0% of donations.

martin-richard-1-600One of the families we will be supporting is the Richard family, who lost 8-year-old Martin while he was waiting for his father to cross the finish line. His younger sister and mother are both in the hospital with serious injuries. Meetinghouse Bank in Dorchester set up an account for the Richard Family and a portion of the funds raised on RYOT will be used to address the needs of this family.


campbell17n-1-webAnother family we will be supporting is that of Krystle Campbell, the 29-year-old restaurant manager from Medford, MA who lost her life. Krystle’s parents were told at the hospital that their daughter was alive and being treated for wounds, prior to finding out that the hospital had misidentified her. She had gone to the race with her best friend whose boyfriend was running. Krystle’s father, William Campbell, says his daughter was “very caring, very loving person, and was daddy’s little girl.”

We are also giving donations of over $1,000 each to: The Brassard Family, Jacqui, Paul and JP, Mery Daniel, Ryan McMahon, Jarrod Clowery, Marc Fucarile and Jeff Bauman, all of whom were severely injured and are recovering. We will be making a contribution to the Lu Lingzi scholarship fund as well. Stay posted for more information and proof of disbursement, and thank you for your support!

Other ways to stay involved and informed:

  • Buy a “Boston Strong” tank for $20. Proceeds go to OneFund Boston.
  • Follow @RYOTnews on Twitter for updates, about when and where funds are being disbursed.
  • Spread the word on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook:

Please join me and make a donation! Boston Marathon Victims Funds via @ryotnews @ryotfoundation

I’ve helped @RYOTnews raise over $6K for the victims of the Boston Marathon, support if you can: #prayforboston



The RYOT Foundation is a public charity and does not take any proceeds from donations. RYOT is covering credit card fees so that all funds will go directly to the cause. Previous RYOT Foundation crisis campaigns have included the Sandy Hook Relief Fund. The money raised will be allocated once a suitable source has been identified and vetted, and evidence of the gift will be provided on the campaign page.




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