Brazilian Count Chiquinho Scarpa is Burying His Bentley Like An Egyptian

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Chiquinho Scarpa

You’ve probably never heard of Count Chiquinho Scarpa before, but this Brazilian businessmen is making like an Egyptian and entombing one of his most prized possessions — his Bentley Continental.

The ceremony will include a funeral service (being held tomorrow at 11 a.m.) where guests can watch the car (valued at $500,000) get buried in the Count’s backyard in Sao Paulo. Scarpa claims to have been inspired by the Egyptians, who used to bury possessions to enjoy the afterlife as lavishly as they did the temporal world.

He took to his public Facebook page, which has 103,000 likes, to express his enthusiasm for the endeavor.

I decided to do as thePharaohs: this week I will bury my favorite car, the Bentley here in the home garden! Bury my treasure in my palace rssss!

Before hurting your braing trying to figure out how can this man has so much money that he wants to BURY A BENTLEY, look at this picture of him destroying his backyard:


Count Chiquinho Scarpa-From his Facebook page
Count Chiquinho Scarpa. From his Facebook page

“I watched the film of the pharaohs and after seeing how they were buried with their treasures I decided that I wanted to copy them and bury my most precious item, which is my car,” Scarpa told a Brazilian talk show.

Some people are outraged by the spectacle, accusing the Count of being corrupt and burying his car as a means of tax evasion. However, he insists that he has been completely transparent with officials and has taken all the legal measures to legally bury the Bentley. While acquiring a majority of his wealth from his father, he made a name for himself in the brewing and mining industries, until he was infected with a nearly fatal bacteria that almost cost him his life. Twice.

He talked about the ordeal with the Daily Mail:

“I was in a coma for 63 days; the doctor told me he had ‘opened’ me eight times. I came close to death twice. The priest gave me two anointings. This was all because of bacteria. I took it and got away with it. Unfortunately this was not the case with my mother. She had an operation on her femur, got the bacterium and died in February 2012. I am strong.”

According to the Daily Mail, some people are begging the Count to donate to a worthy cause (we can’t help but agree), but for a self-made entrepreneur without a family to extend his wealth or legacy to, it seems that his material possessions are all he has.

RYOT NOTE: While Count Scarpa may be willing to bury his car instead of using it, there are other vehicles that actually serve a purpose. The Meals on Wheels Association of America is the oldest and largest national organization with  community-based Senior Nutrition programs throughout the United States that serve over a million senior citizens. To learn more about the org, click the gray action box, donate and Become the News!


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Brazilian Count Chiquinho Scarpa is Burying His Bentley Like An Egyptian

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