Boston Globe Reporter Wesley Lowery Is ‘So Tired of Boston Strong’

2 years ago

Apparently, memorials like this inspire some people, and annoy others. (bgrimmni/Flickr)

It looks like we may have to make an addition to the list of the best (or is it worse?) Twitter fails of all time after Boston Globe reporter Wesley Lowery decided to tell the world that he’d had enough with the whole “Boston Strong” thing.

While the entire city of Boston was enjoying the excitement and drunken revelry that comes with a World Series appearance, Lowery decided to Tweet the following after watching fans at Fenway Park pay tribute to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings during Game 2 of the World Series between the Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals.

Lowery is, of course, referring to the popular — and, admittedly, commercialized — catchphrase used by Bostonians in the wake of the Marathon bombings to express their city’s famous resiliency. He later clarified his remark with another Tweet:

Unfortunately for Lowery, the follow-up did little to quell the almost instantaneous stream of criticism that soon followed on Twitter.

And so on…

What do you think? Did Lowery’s comment have SOME merit, or were his fingers working faster than his brain? Perhaps he should have read The Ten Commandments of Using Twitter? Next time, Wesley. Next time.

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