This Bizarre Product Promotes Pet Safety

2 years ago
reflective dog

(Photo: via Facebook user Anon Ase ja Tukku Ay)

Animal owners are investing in a strange new product: reflective spray for pets.

The reflective spray is activated upon contact with car headlights. So essentially, it’s as if deer (and any other animal that’s sprayed) now have their own headlights to help prevent traffic collisions.

(Photo: via Reddit user /u/og_nichlander)
(Photo: via Reddit user /u/og_nichlander)

Cattle herders and dog owners alike use the spray to illuminate animals’ forms in the night, improving their visibility.

Hopefully, this innovative invention will lead to a decrease in car accidents involving animals.

Any product that promotes pet safety is a good one in our book, and this reflective spray certainly makes for some funny photo-ops, too. Glow-in-the-dark deer are now a real thing!

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