Artist Michael Murphy uses 1,200 ping-pong balls to draw attention to gun debate

3 years ago

"Damage," by Michael Murphy.

Artist Michael Murphy has managed to make an assault rifle look beautiful. It only took 1,200 ping-pong balls suspended from the ceiling and painted black. When viewed from a certain angle, they come together to form the image of an assault rifle. Otherwise, they’re just a bunch of balls scattered throughout space. The work is meant to get people talking about guns and gun-control, specifically the factor that perspective plays in the debate.

“Guns are fetishized in the U.S.,” Murphy said. “Many, many Americans love guns. I’m creating a giant gun. I just want people to keep talking about guns [and] why we should have guns. Communication is necessary because I don’t see any sort of solution being proposed.”

Check out this beautiful and though-provoking piece:




RYOT NOTE: We love this piece. It’s beautiful, complex and thought-provoking; exactly what art should be. Hopefully it inspires some people to become more involved in the gun-control debate. One great way you can do that is by speaking to your Senator. Although the Senate voted down the last gun-control bill, they’re ready to revisit the issue, and they could use your input. Just click on the gray box alongside this story and Americans for Responsible Solutions will connect you via phone to your Senator. They even provide you with a script to help make your point!

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