• Bryn Mooser


    Bryn is the co-founder of RYOT, the first news website that links every story to an action. He was named one of Esquire Magazine's “2012 Americans of the Year” for his work in Haiti. As Country Director for Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), Bryn helped build APJ’s secondary school in Port-au-Prince, which now educates 1,400 Haitian youth per year. APJ is a celebrity-backed organization providing education for the very poor in Haiti. Before working in Haiti, Bryn served in the Peace Corps in West Africa and hitchhiked from Bangkok to Berlin. Bryn is also an award-winning film maker. His latest documentary, The Rider And The Storm, premiered in April in NYC, his third consecutive world premiere at TriBeCa Film Festival. Bryn grew up in Los Angeles, New York City and Zimbabwe and speaks Creole, Mandinka and parts of several other African languages. In his spare time, he plays bass and saxophone in the London-based band Proud Mary.

  • David Darg


    One of Esquire Magazine’s "2012 Americans of the Year,” David spent the last decade as a first responder and frontline contributor for Reuters, the BBC and CNN, covering some of the world’s largest natural disasters and wars. As Vice President of Operation Blessing International, he has traveled to over 100 countries and is currently based in Haiti. As a filmmaker, David has won numerous awards including a Special Jury Mention at the 2012 Tribeca film festival as Co-Director of Baseball in the Time of Cholera. David grew up in the Middle East and England. After receiving his degree in Philosophy from Oxford University, he moved to Africa to work in the non-profit sector. David loves to surf and play guitar.

  • Molly Swenson


    Originally from Seattle, Molly lived in Cambridge, Buenos Aires, New York and Washington D.C. before moving to Los Angeles. After graduating from Harvard University, she worked in the fashion industry in NYC. Molly then took an internship at the White House and made a brief but memorable appearance on American Idol Season 10, where Randy Jackson punched her in the kisser. Since moving to LA, she has worked with some of the world’s most high-profile individuals on philanthropic strategy. Molly still sings and has been known to rap, occasionally.

  • Zachary Tauber

    Head of Web Design & Development

    A native of Arizona, Zach spent his first twenty-five years living there before making the move out to Los Angeles. Ever since he can remember, everything in technology has been a huge interest of his. He followed that path all the way through college by graduating from the University of Arizona with a double major in Management Information Systems and Operations Management. His second passion is electronic dance music, which he co-founded EDMHUB.com featuring everything related to the music. On weekends you can guarantee to spot him at a show or festival related to the genre.

  • Alexandra Govere


    Alexandra grew up in Zimbabwe, where she experienced life without running water, electricity, or Tinder. She spent most of her time reading, writing, and competing with birds for the ripest guavas atop guava trees. A natural climber and acrobat, she eventually became first female of color to compete on the Zimbabwean national gymnastics team, and was named one of People magazine's "20 Teens Who Will Change the World" for launching a nonprofit to help AIDS orphans, which she ran for almost 10 years. Alexandra finished high school when she was 12 and began her studies at Stanford University at 15, where she majored in Civil Engineering. After college, she signed a deal with Alicia Keys' production team in NYC, where she wrote and produced music for film, TV, herself and other artists before rediscovering her passion for another form writing she'd studied in college: journalism. After two years writing and hosting for MTV, Ally joined RYOT. She's excited to finally be doing something that means something every single day of the week, to be working with such badass people, and to finally not have career ADD.

  • Brittany Greenquist

    Associate Editor

    Brittany has temporarily settled in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and imaginary baby goat, where she dreams of one day owning a farm with a real baby goat. Like everyone else in this city, she spends her free time writing music, playing shows and hoping to strike it “big.” When she’s not working, you can probably catch her watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy while attempting to sew her dream wardrobe. She’d much rather spend time with friends in person and has a love-hate relationship with technology. She enjoys reading, hiking and the occasional blended margarita. No salt.

  • Anna Culaba


    Anna has held the title of Writer/RYOT’s Most Valuable Player since January 2013. For someone whose favorite word is “no,” Anna is a surprisingly accommodating person. She knows more about astronomy than the whole RYOT team combined, but her college degree’s in business from Webber International University in Central Florida. After 20 years served on various tennis teams, Anna has no desire to lay eyes on a tennis racquet again. If you haven’t seen Jaws 4 yet (the shark roars!), don’t even try to talk to her ‘cause you’re gonna get shot down. The same thing will happen if you try to sit in her designated chair, which is the most comfortable piece of furniture in the RYOT office. Anna is currently detoxing from a lifelong Dr. Pepper-and-Milky-Way habit and she welcomes your support in this time of strife.

  • Jim Carter

    Cause Hacker

    Jim hails from sunny and smoggy Los Angeles and recently made the leap to Silicon Valley hacking up a storm of code. Making change drives him. Married with 2.5 kids he takes care of the geek things so the rest of us can focus on RYOT content. Every time you read an article and take action on something you're passionate about, just know that Jim is behind the scenes coding the next great feature you’ll love to use.

  • Zeda Stone

    Web Genius

    Zeda lives in the paradise that is Laguna Beach, CA. He is a serial entrepreneur, and spends most of his time tackling inefficiencies in technology, biofuels and renewable energy. Zeda is the former Director of Business Development for BlueFire Ethanol, a cellulose to ethanol technology company that utilized green waste destined for landfills to produce a cleaner burning fuel in the form of ethanol. BlueFire was one of six recipients to receive a Department of Energy grant for use in building the world’s first commercial scale cellulosic biofuel facility. After leaving BlueFire in 2009 he started HotClickVideo to develop a proprietary interactive overlay technology for online video. HotClick was sold in 2011. Zeda continues to develop new technologies and prefers to end his days not in front of a computer but outdoors enjoying the nature he fights to protect.

  • Rebecca Luxton

    Associate Editor

    Rebecca is a lifelong vegetarian who’s obsessed with cats but doesn't actually own any. A California native, she appreciates fast cars and writes horror stories in her free time (watch for her ultra-disturbing debut novel, coming soon). She’s a big-time velour enthusiast and a major Kubrick fan. Currently, she’s getting her Master's at the University of Southern California. Rebecca spent five years on the East Coast for college and is never, ever moving back there. Her favorite movie is The Shining, her favorite book is American Psycho, and her favorite drink is a Bloody Mary.

  • Ben Roffee


    Born in Venezuela, raised in San Diego, and reluctantly transplanted to Los Angeles, Ben found a loving home away from home with the RYOT family in March of 2014. After picking up a Bachelor's in political science back in 2011, Ben took a few years to aimlessly wander some really hot, far-away lands before returning to the states, mostly because the IRS told him to quit dodging his student loan payments. Nowadays, he spends most of his days at the RYOT offices daydreaming about said far-off places and occasionally writing an article or two (but really just making coffee when commanded and pretending to look useful). Typical conversations will almost always veer into some preachy, tangential reference to the mountains of Central Guatemala or Burning Man. But even for his insatiable lust for travel, there's nowhere in the world he'd rather be right now than with RYOT, slangin' activism and empowering young people to help change the world.

  • Dougal Henken

    Art Director

    A fusion of man and machine, Dougal was engineered in the frozen wastes of northern New York to be the ultimate creative professional. His development continued at UCLA’s Design and Media Arts Labs where his technical abilities and processing speed were honed and refined. After achieving sentience, Dougal was deployed in numerous design missions throughout China and the US, operating as a creative consultant to numerous companies and firms. Now he designs for RYOT, developing all manner of experimental media. When not working, he is in “sleep mode”.

  • Gareth Seltzer

    Board of Directors

    Social innovation, good works and global interests sum him up. A a producer of RYOT film The Rider in the Storm, Gareth is also focused on preserving historically significant landmarks of Toronto and surrounding area while advancing technological synergies that make it one of the worlds greatest cities to live in.

  • Martha Rogers

    Board of Directors

    Previously a director of of Rogers Wireless Communications Inc. and Rogers Media Inc, Martha is committed to helping causes around the world through the Rogers Foundation and RYOT Foundation. She has been a passionate advocate and supporters of social issues in Haiti for half a decade.