• Bryn Mooser


    Bryn is the co-founder of RYOT, the first news website that links every story to an action. He was named one of Esquire Magazine's "Americans of the Year" as well as a "Hollywood Maverick" by Details Magazine. Bryn spent years living in Haiti as Country Director for Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), where he helped build APJ's secondary school in Port-au-Prince, which now educates 2,500 Haitian youth per year. Before working in Haiti, Bryn served in the Peace Corps in West Africa and hitchhiked from Bangkok to Berlin. Bryn is also an award-winning filmmaker. This April Bryn premiered his 11th film and latest documentary, Body Team 12, at TriBeCa Film Festival, where it took home the award for Best Documentary Short. Bryn grew up in Los Angeles, New York City and Zimbabwe and speaks Creole, Mandinka and parts of several other African languages. In his spare time, he plays bass and saxophone in the London-based band Proud Mary.

  • David Darg


    David Darg is the Co-founder of RYOT, the first breaking news site that connects every story to an action. He was named one of Esquire Magazine's "Americans of the Year" as well as a "Hollywood Maverick" by Details Magazine. David spent the last decade as a first responder and frontline contributor for Reuters, the BBC and CNN, covering some of the world's largest natural disasters and wars. As Vice President of Operation Blessing International, he has traveled to over 100 countries and is currently based in Haiti. As a filmmaker, David has won numerous awards including Best Documentary Short at the 2015 TriBeCa Film Festival for Body Team 12 and a Special Jury Mention at the 2012 TriBeCa Film Festival for Baseball in the Time of Cholera. David grew up in the Middle East and England. After receiving his degree in Philosophy from Oxford University, he moved to Africa to work in the non-profit sector. David loves to surf and play guitar.

  • Molly Swenson


    Molly joined as employee #1 when RYOT was just 3 people in a living room. She's produced RYOT Films from Kenya to the Arctic to Liberia. Before RYOT, Molly designed, implemented and managed highly-leveraged philanthropic strategies for celebrities such as Ben Stiller, Shakira and Kobe Bryant. While working at The Obama White House, identifying candidates for political appointment, she made it to the Top 50 on Season 10 of American Idol. She has been featured in The New Yorker, The Seattle Times, The Washington Post and been a speaker at Nexus, SXSW and TEDxBerlin.

  • Herve Bizira

    VP of Engineering

    Responsible for all the tech that drives ryot.org, Herve helps RYOT gain a good sense of what technological configurations will best support the vision of the company. He was born in Burundi to parents whom he considers his heroes. Before RYOT, he was a Technical Director at DreamWorks Animations where he led teams of engineers to develop software for $100M+ projects such as Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon.

  • Stacey Leasca

    Deputy Editor

    Stacey Leasca is the deputy editor RYOT News. Before joining the team at RYOT, Stacey was the social media editor at the Los Angeles Times where she ran all social accounts, hosted live chats, and wrote blogs for various sections. Stacey also spent several years in Boston as a breaking news writer for GlobalPost. With 12 years of reporting experience covering local, national and international news, Stacey has found her true love is writing about the oddest stories you can think of. When not in the building, you may find her surfing in Santa Monica.

  • Stash Slionski

    Director of Digital Content

    Stash Slionski is a Director, Cinematographer and Executive Producer based in Los Angeles. Spanning the spectrum of branded content, sports, music videos, documentaries, commercials, and feature films, his work has been recognized by the Emmy's with nominations and several awards. Originally from New York City, Stash honed his style in the arduous and fast paced world of live network television, shooting and producing show opens and features for high profile events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, MTV Music Video Awards, Wimbledon, and the Olympics. Stash has collaborated alongside icons as varied as Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Bruce Springsteen, and U2 and has produced brand work with with some of the biggest agencies in the business. Dedicated to socio/eco/environmental causes, Stash has shot in some of the most challenging and remote locations throughout the world, and his passion and unparalleled work ethic have solidified longstanding partnerships with several non-profits and charities which he continues to support.

  • Zachary Tauber

    Front End Web Developer

    A native of Arizona, Zach spent his first twenty-five years living there before making the move out to Los Angeles. Ever since he can remember, he’s been interested in anything technology-related. He followed that path all the way through college by graduating from the University of Arizona with a double major in Management Information Systems and Operations Management. At RYOT, Zach works on the entire web development process, including design, development and deployment and any IT work that may arise. His second passion is electronic dance music. He co-founded EDMHUB.com , featuring everything related EDM music. On weekends, you are guaranteed to spot him at a music show or festival.

  • Eric Pfeiffer

    Associate Editor

    Born and raised in Oregon, Eric spent nearly a decade covering Congress, the White House and political campaigns in Washington, DC. In 2005, he became the first blogger ever credentialed to cover a White House press briefing, helping to expand access and credibility for independent reporters. Since then, his writing has focused on technology, breaking news and cultural trends while always keeping an eye on public policy. But his biggest motivation as a journalist is finding ways to empower the reader to change their own world. Eric believes today’s media is best served from the bottom up. Eric considers Harlan Ellison one of his biggest influences, and in addition to journalism, he has achieved video game excellence, ranking as a Top 10 Worldwide Ms. Pac Man player.

  • Anna Culaba

    Staff Writer

    As a writer, Anna believes that if your story touches someone, whether in a good or bad way, you’re telling a good story. Despite having a college degree in business from Webber International University in Central Florida, Anna has chosen a writing career, preferring to surround herself with people who believe their voices, their words, and their actions can change the world. One of her biggest dreams is to travel beyond the Earth and into space. She is currently detoxing from a lifelong Dr. Pepper-and-Milky-Way habit and she welcomes your support in this time of strife.

  • Ben Roffee

    Culture & Social Editor

    Ben both writes and edits stories, assists with formulating and implementing social media strategy, and periodically gets in front of the camera for RYOT. Born in Venezuela, raised in San Diego, and reluctantly transplanted to Los Angeles, Ben found a loving home away from home with the RYOT family in March of 2014. After picking up a Bachelor's in political science back in 2011, he took a few years to aimlessly wander hot and far-away lands before returning to the states because the IRS told him to stop dodging his student loans. But for how insatiable his lust for travel may be, there's nowhere in the world he'd rather be right now than with RYOT, slangin' cultural activism and empowering young people to shape the world around them.

  • Dougal Henken

    Art Director

    A fusion of man and machine, Dougal was engineered in the frozen wastes of northern New York to be the ultimate creative professional. His development continued at UCLA's Design and Media Arts Labs where his technical abilities and processing speed were honed and refined. Dougal was deployed in numerous design missions throughout China and the US, operating as a creative consultant to equally numerous companies and firms. Now he designs for RYOT, developing all manner of experimental media. When not working, he is in "sleep mode."

  • Hayley Pappas

    RYOT Films

    A graduate of USC, Hayley’s had the privilege of working directly at the intersection of media and social change. She’s taught sex-ed in Uganda, led theater classes for incarcerated youth, developed campaigns for documentary films, and produced a virtual reality short on sexual assault that premiered at Sundance Film Festival. She currently assists in running and fostering the growth of RYOT films, and thrives on bridging the gap between filmmakers and activists. She peaked at age 10 when she starred in a string of Mattel doll commercials, and now she spends her free time with friends and family, and singing showtunes.

  • Alex Smith

    Night Editor

    Alex is RYOT’s night news editor. She is an admirer of person-to-person change that echoes out into big cultural shifts. It’s this interest, as well as her belief that we all have a responsibility to take care of each other, that drives her to find news, especially humanitarian news, that is not getting solid mainstream media coverage. Any world-changers who push peace via non-violence, from Gandhi to Mother Teresa, are respectable in her book. An avid traveler, Alex has been bitten by centipedes, gotten typhoid in Madagascar, and almost left her life behind to move to Kenya so she could help rescue orphaned elephants.

  • Aimee Kuvadia

    Weekend Editor

    Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Aimee often elicits awkward stares because of her Southern impulse to say hello to everyone she passes on the street. A big-city girl at heart, she was elated to leave the Bluegrass State after finishing college to attend Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. She went on to be a music blogger for Virgin.com and a crime reporter for a Bronx weekly newspaper, covering everything from large-scale drug busts to police misconduct. After growing tired of the high-stress lifestyle that's NYC, Aimee moved to Los Angeles, where she spends most of her free time on the beach or doing yoga. Through her reporting and writing, she hopes to give a voice to the voiceless and elevate the underdog.

  • Stefan Todorovic

    Associate Producer

    Born in Washington, D.C., raised in Los Angeles and educated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at Regis College in Boston, Stefan's experiences have led him to become a well-rounded specialist in many areas of production. He assists RYOT in editing daily video updates, production of RYOT original series, and writing articles, among other things, and strongly believes that social activism is a responsibility we are obliged to pursue and commit ourselves to. While in college he was a feature writer for Boston College's Independent Newspaper, The Heights, alongside being a visual designer for a multi-million dollar e-commerce retailer, Karmaloop.com. Outside of the office you can find him in any random city with tall buildings, letting loose at concerts, and playing the beautiful game of soccer.

  • Tania Leiva

    Associate Producer

    Originally from the small East Coast town of Meriden, Connecticut, Tania moved to California at 19 to pursue her dream of being a director at the Art Institute of California – Los Angeles. Along the way she found herself interested in camera work, lighting, editing and directing. Her passion for film has led her to work on music videos, documentaries, commercials and short films, as well as her own projects. This passion may or may not have been a factor in her naming her chihuahua Leeloo, after the character from the Luc Besson film, The Fifth Element.

  • Matt Valerio

    Creative Project Manager

    Matt assists Alma Har'el, our Global Creative Director as a Creative Project Manager, helping bring visions to fruition, and helping to curate artistic and musical content for the site. He is a self-made man of many hats: beatmaker, remixer, DJ, compilation curator, art aficionado and video artist.Formerly one-third of weirdo synth-rap group Restiform Bodies, and one-whole nice guy raised in New England, now living in the New Wild West.

  • Christian Stephen


    Christian is the Global Editor at RYOT, and has spent the last 5 years documenting conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Gaza, Somalia, Central African Republic and more. A High School dropout from London, he has done work for VICE, The Economist, MSNBC and Vocativ, to name a few. He claims to have no idea what he's doing.

  • Gareth Seltzer

    Board of Directors

    Gareth is a director and investor in RYOT.org. His mandate is to live as widely as possible taking every opportunity to encourage the call to action on matters of social justice. A producer on a number of films including Body Team 12, his business advice is highly sought after when he isn't pursuing one of his many passions like travel, vintage anything and scuba diving. He also sits as a board member of Dying With Dignity and The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research and has spoken to international audiences on a range of social issues.

  • Martha Rogers

    Board of Directors

    Previously a director of Rogers Wireless Communications Inc. and Rogers Media Inc, Martha is committed to helping causes around the world through the Rogers Foundation and RYOT Foundation. She has been a passionate advocate and supporters of social issues in Haiti for half a decade.