8-Year-Old Fundraises Money to Buy Lunches for Students

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Cayden Taipalus — Photo: ABC 7

Challenger Elementary School in Howell, Michigan, like most schools, has an alternative lunch program for those unable to afford a “hot meal.” Students unable to purchase foods from the hot line, are provided a sandwich and fruit.

However, 8-year-old Cayden Taipalus hated to see his friends unable to obtain a hot meal for lack of funds and wanted to do something about it.

Taipalus wanted to pay for their lunches, so with the help of his mom, he dived into the world of fundraising.

The third grader began collecting bottles and cans, then donating the funds. He collected $64, which is enough for about 150 lunches.

But Cayden didn’t stop there, he went on to create a Pay It Forward page to raise money for all the students.

His donations page reads as follows:

“My son Cayden Taipalus who is a third grader at Challenger Elementary in Howell witnessed a child get denied a hot lunch because of no money on his lunch account. The child instead was offered a cheese sandwich.

This upset the child along with my son. He came home and wanted to know how he could help kids out. We came up with Pay It Forward:

No Kid Goes Hungry. Cayden called family, friends, neighbors and even took back cans to raise money to pay off low income kids deliquent lunch accounts at school.

He not only paid off the acccounts but added money to them so the child had no future worries about lunches.

The donation response has been wonderful so Cayden is continueing on to other elementary schools to help out more kids.

He would like to do all livingston county elementary schools if possible. We cant do this alone, any donation is accepted and very much appreciated.”

RYOT NOTE from Brittany

Lunch is a crucial part of a child’s school day, it refuels students to have energy for the rest of the day. If you want to join Cayden on his mission to buy lunches for students who can’t afford them, just click the action box, donate and Become the News.



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8-Year-Old Fundraises Money to Buy Lunches for Students

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