The Five Funniest Morgan Freeman Voice-overs

2 years ago

The undisputed master of the voiceover. (David Sifry/Wikimedia Commons)

Morgan Freeman’s voice glides like melted chocolate over the eardrums…but it doesn’t stop there. It changes our state of mind, instilling confidence in our everyday actions…like taking a poop. It makes us feel like everything we do is a part of a larger cosmic destiny. It makes us feel like God himself cares.

The ambassador of the English language, Morgan Freeman, announced this morning that “twerking” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. To clarify, the term actually appears in Oxford Dictionaries Online, which includes modern slang, not the historical OED. Nonetheless, the pace of Morgan Freeman’s drawl as he says “low-squatting stance” is impressive:

We’re not going to stop there, however, since this video inspired us to make your day brighter by compiling the best appearances of Morgan Freeman’s voice:

5. Morgan Freeman tells sorority girls to stop being ‘asshats’ in an impression of ‘Deranged Sorority Girl E-mail


4. Apparently, everybody wants to smell like titty sprinkles. Mmm, that’s the good stuff.


3. Morgan Freeman tells us that yogurt covered almonds make a delicious “jacket snack.”


2. We are reassured that when we have a bought of diarrhea, we should not fear, because Morgan Freeman will narrate it so that we appear noble at the mercy of nature… and a taco.


1. Finally, we are humbled to discover that while we can try to yawn more, we will never have Morgan Freeman’s voice.

It’s a good thing Morgan Freeman’s voice has been immortalized in every way possible. Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman.

RYOT NOTE: Morgan Freeman doesn’t just use his voice to make you feel like a swaddled baby, he uses it to empower people in the face of natural disasters. He is the co-founder of PLAN!TNOW, a nonprofit that brings education and communication to communities at risk of being negatively impacted by natural disasters. PLAN!TNOW provides scholarships to college students severely impacted by severe weather, funds for students to enter fields to find new ways to protect vulnerable coastal regions, creates public education campaigns and assists in rebuilding efforts. Click on the gray box alongside this article to join the cause and Become The News!

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