PHOTOS: This Groundbreaking 3D Printer Built 10 Homes in 24 Hours

2 years ago
3D printer home

From Oreos to body parts, 3D printers have been cranking out some pretty unbelievable stuff lately.

But in Shanghai, WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. has been using a monstrous printing device to build homes at a breakneck pace — 10 homes in 24 hours.

Measuring out at roughly 105 feet long, 33 feet wide, and 21 feet tall, this clearly isn’t your average retail printer.

3D printed house 1
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.08.34 PM

Unlike most 3D printers, this printing giant is fed with cement rather than plastic, making it especially well-suited for home construction.

The best part is the houses are super cheap to make and they’re made almost entirely of construction and other industrial waste.

3D printed house 7

When it’s all said and done, the houses are roughly 650 square feet and cost only $4,800 to make, which is why they’re being considered as a housing solution for China’s poor.

It’s not the first crack at 3D home building, but it is definitely the fastest, most economical, and environmentally friendly way we’ve seen to date.

Check out the finished product below:

3D printed house 4
3D printed house 6
3D printed house 2


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